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5 Ways to Get Started on your Goals

Starting to make changes to your lifestyle can seem overwhelming! “Where do I even start?” “How will I see results?” “How can I stick with it?”

Those were all questions I asked myself and I know you’ve asked yourself! So to help take the guesswork out, I’m telling you what helped me stick with my journey and what I knew when I first started.

Let’s get to it!

1. Set Realistic Expectations

This one is KEY! If you decide you want to go from working out 0 times a week to working out every day…you’re going to have a rude awakening! Plus - you need time to let your body recover!

When you first start working out - you are going to be sore and need that extra time for your body to adjust. Instead set a realistic goal and focus on improving as you get stronger and better!

Also…you aren’t going to lose 50 pounds in a month, it’s unrealistic and not healthy at all!

Need some ideas?

  • Start moving my body intentionally each day (going on a walk, dancing, stretching, etc.)

  • Add in an extra serving of fruits or veggies each day

  • Work out 2 days a week (and then steadily increase it)

  • Create a recipe list of 30 recipes to try

  • Wellness consists of various areas: Career, Finances, Education, Physical Activity, Home Cooking, Spirituality, Joy, Relationships, Social Life, Health, Home Environment, & Creativity.

  • Think of some ways you would like to improve based on those categories

2. Find support and accountability buddies

Yes, we are our best cheerleaders, but somedays you are going to need a friend or group to help you remember why you are wanting to improve. Find some people who will support you in your goals, but also be able to give you some tough love.

Just because you stayed up late watching TV doesn’t mean you get to skip out on all your goals! Having people that are encouraging you or even joining you in your goals will help you on those days where you’re not feeling motivated.

If you need a group of people, check out Lyfe at home! The community just opened and the action will start in January!

3. Do some research

You have to do some research and planning! Wanting to workout? What types of workouts do you want to do? Do you want to work out at a gym or from home?

I suggest checking out a couple of gyms and seeing what you like! (Lyfe at home will be offering three months free, so it’s a great place to start developing your workout habit)

Be sure to do some thinking and researching on your plan so that you can actually achieve it! I’m working on researching the best way for me to learn Spanish…so if you have any tips, be sure to leave that in the comments!

4. Make a plan

Once you’re done your research it’s time to make a plan! How are you going to start working towards your goal? Will you have a monthly check-in to see the progress you are making?

Be sure to let your accountability buddies know so that they can help cheer you on!

5. Commit - write it in your calendar

So you’ve done all the steps, great job friend! When are you going to start? Tomorrow? January 3rd?

Write it down in your calendar, your phone, or somewhere you will see it on that day! Commit to that day and get excited because you are about to start making progress on your goals!

To sum up:

What other questions do you have about getting started on your goals? Be sure to ask them below!

Remember, you can do hard things!

Shaina Joyce

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