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5 Ways to Make Working Out in the AM Easier

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Now, let me first say it says easier, it doesn’t say easy peasy! Starting a workout routine or even starting healthy habits takes time and patience with yourself! Be sure to set achievable goals so that you can start off on the right foot.

This means if you don’t work out at all right now, don’t make a goal to work out every day! Think about your schedule and set an achievable goal for yourself. This could be anything from 1 day to 3, but be sure to take small steps. Your fitness is not a destination, it’s a journey!

When I first started adding a fitness routine into my daily schedule I started off working out after work. At the time it worked great, but I started to notice that things would start creeping into my workout time. For example, dinner, hanging out with friends, being super tired, etc. I was able to overcome those things, but I really wanted to have more time after work to relax or hang out with friends (this was pre-corona).

I moved my workouts to the morning starting last November and while there are still things that start to creep up, it’s most often my desire to stay in bed. And that is something that I have more experience overcoming!

So without further ado, here are 5 ways to make working out in the morning easier:

1. Decide what work out you want to do the night before

The biggest thing that I can say, is prep! The more things you can take of the night before, the fewer excuses you have to get in your way!

I still remember when I was in college I would sometimes get the random urge to go on a run (this probably happened like twice). I would get dressed and then realize that I didn’t have a playlist of music to keep me motivated.

(I am not a runner and need all the help I can get)

I would spend probably about an hour picking out music and by the time my playlist was ready, something else had come up or it was too dark and I never went on my run.

Don’t wait until the morning of to try and pick out your workout. Picking it out in advance takes out the endlessly scrolling on whatever app you use to find your workouts.

2. Set out your clothes the night before

Again, another prep tip! I suggest picking out your clothes and laying out so that you are ready first thing in the morning. I don’t know about you guys, but any decision I can take care of before my brain is fully awake is a good thing!

Picking out your clothes is also something that you usually only do when you’re excited about an event or even about to do something important (think like a job interview or a date).

Working out may not feel like that much of an exciting event, but by putting your brain in that mindset of workouts being a special event helps set you up for success.

“Live like you already have it, and you will!”

3. Go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep

This is one I cannot stress enough! Go to bed at a decent time! I know with everything going on it can be hard to stick a routine, but sleep is key to so many areas of your life!

If I don’t get enough sleep I am cranky and I feel off all day. Plan ahead and think about how much time you actually need to sleep. If you need 8 hours, then make sure you are in bed to get that much sleep.

You’ll feel better and actually have the energy to work out as well as the rest of the day.

4. Don’t scroll when you wake up

One of the hardest things to starting your day is getting out of bed! I’ve talked to a lot of people and one of their daily habits is scrolling on their phone first thing.

That’s one of the best ways to waste time! I think everyone has had an experience where they got on their phone to check one notification and two hours later they were still on their phone.

One suggestion is after you’ve done your work out and are still recovering, allow yourself time to [lay on the floor] and scroll on your phone. You still get to have that time on your phone, but also you get to give your body time to recover.

If you feel like you have to scroll on your phone, set a separate alarm to go off to make sure you keep yourself on track to get out of bed.

5. Celebrate the Small Steps

A lot of times we treat exercise and working out as a punishment. I know that mindset takes a lot of time to get over (and is probably a separate blog post in itself), but it’s still important in the beginning to make sure that you celebrate your victories.

This is going to be something different for everyone. I think my first victory was actually working out and pushing play after a long day of work. Then the next step for me was working out three days a week. Next, it was finishing a 21-day program, and so forth.

These steps and victories are going to be defined by you, but they should start out small and then keep challenging yourself with the next step. Make sure you give yourself props for getting to your small steps and victories as well as make sure you know what that next step is. Progress, not perfection!

Final Thoughts:

I read Tim McGraw’s book called, “Grit & Grace” where he talks about his health journey. He said that sometimes when he doesn’t feel like getting up he will tell himself, “Okay, if you get up and work out today, you can take a break tomorrow.”

He says that most of the time once he gets up and starts working, he’s glad he did and doesn’t actually take the next day off. But sometimes if he’s really not feeling it, he will and allows himself to take a day off.

I tell you this because a lot of times we make excuses or our beds just seem really cozy. But progress doesn’t come to those who sleep or don’t try. By making yourself do it right then, you teach yourself discipline which is a trait that is key to making changes to all parts of your life.

Adding a fitness routine or even changing up your current routine, takes effort. I hope these tips help you in your routine and let me know what other things you do to get yourself ready to workout!


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