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Why are we always waiting?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Today I felt like I got my butt kicked multiple times! Not in that, I was physically beaten up, but more of the “Shaina, are you listening? This is for you!”

The focus today was: how am I working towards my goals? How am I making progress towards the life I want to live? It all started this morning when I decided to listen to a podcast called #WeGotGoals with my favorite BeachBody super trainer, Autumn Calabrese.

Literally, this lady has become an inspiration to me. Single mom, successful, smart, helps others, and looks amazing doing it! In this podcast she talked about how New Year’s goals are important, but why are you waiting until January (which is 2 months away) to start working on them? Why not start now?

That hit home! I’ve been working on my fitness since last summer, but actually buckled down this January. The amount of progress I’ve made is amazing, and I’m so grateful that I have documented the changes that have happened! (You gotta take those pictures and measurements friends!)

At this point in my fitness journey, I’m not looking to lose more weight, but maintain and tone. (Hello thighs, looking at you!) But I have other goals as well, and ones that don’t involve my fitness! Goals that honestly, I’ve been ignoring and not paying attention to.

So today, when I heard them talking about goals, it made me think about what do I want? How can I start working on it today?

So what did I do? I brought my 300 Writing Prompts journal (#piccadillyinc) to work and I wrote one of the prompts. And because you’re supposed to say your goals out loud, I posted on social media so that maybe that will help me stay accountable.

“Awesome,” I told myself, “I accomplished a part of my goal and I can just chill.” I patted myself on my back and went about my day.

But guess what, there’s more! The next kick in the butt was from Rachel Hollis. I’ve been reading her book Girl, Wash Your Face, in an attempt to read more “adulting” books. (Listen, I’m still learning over here)

She said, “Don’t you get it? Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody’s entire legacy is based on a single moment, but rather the collection of one’s experiences.” *preach*

So yeah, what am I doing to contribute towards my legacy? Because to be honest with you, I’d love to leave a lasting positive legacy! What it is, tbd. But I’m excited to figure it out.

(You can buy a copy here)

Now…after I read that, what did I do? I screenshotted the quote (all about Kindle) and it to my sisters and Mom, because I thought, “Hey, this is really important! They should read this!” Any other action? Nope. I went back to eating my lunch and reading the book.

Okay flash forward to 3:15 pm today and I got my next wakeup call came as I was scrolling through LinkedIn! One of the people I follow, Jena Viviano, posted this:

Like okay…yeah. I’ve had all these moments today and what am I doing? Yes, I took time and reflected on my goals. I even started a google doc of my goals and started fleshing out what those goals are. But, an action plan? Hadn’t gotten that far.

But seeing Jena's, helped me realize that I need to start working now. Yes, reading and listening to people speak is awesome, but if I’m not doing anything with that knowledge, how am I bettering myself?

So…what things are you wanting to accomplish? What are you going to do today to work towards that goal? How many kicks in the butt do you need before you will actually act? Today, my count was 3, but how can we make that lower?

Today I started working towards my goals by:

  • Exercised for 30 minutes

  • Wrote in my writing prompt journal

  • Brainstormed goals and started identifying action steps

  • Wrote this post

Guys, next year is going to be awesome! But I’m even more excited about how I’m going to finish this year and be better prepared to keep working and achieving my goals. Let’s do this! #goals #2020 #quotes #lifestyle #mindset #hustle

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