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Why I Do What I Do

Hello! My name is Shaina Joyce and I am a certified health coach! I decided to become a health coach after realizing that I needed something more in my career.

I found IIN and was excited to learn more about everything listed in the curriculum. As I started learning I realized that I also felt a lot closer to my Grandmommy who had passed a couple of years ago.

She was an amazing woman, had a hard life, but still treated everyone with kindness. She also ran her own successful health business. She is one of my heroes and I’ve always wanted to grow up to be like her!

As I was thinking about my own business, I realized that I wanted to honor her as the stories I've heard about her helped inspire my decision to start my business. She and I share the same middle name and I knew that was going to be a part of my business.

Hence, Wellness by Shaina Joyce! You’ll notice in my logo that it is a southern monogram as my Grandmommy was a Southern Belle (I’m Southern, but I don’t know if I’m at Belle status). In monograms, the last name is always biggest and in the middle so in my case, the Joyce is where I put a lot of attention.

I’ve also always loved helping people and when my job doesn’t include that to some degree, I feel lost. In going through my own health journey as well as my education, I have learned so many things and feel so much better in my own skin!

I want to help everyone understand how their body works so that they can see how amazing they really are!

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

My favorite thing about health coaching is seeing all of my client’s victories! They can be big or small – it’s amazing to see how even a simple shift in your thoughts can affect so much!

Being able to be a part of my client’s transformation is so fun to see. Especially because of the mental shifts that happen as one believes in themselves and sees how amazing they truly are.

What's your favorite healthy snack?

PINEAPPLES! I love them, by themselves, caramelized, as dole whip, shave ice, etc. Basically put pineapple into anything (besides pizza) and I’m a very happy person.

What is one thing you want people to know?

Stop comparing yourself! You are on a very different journey than someone else and their successes are not your successes.

Favorite health tip?

Take one small baby step towards your goal every day!

A lot of times people get so caught up in making these big steps towards their health goals (or any goal) that they get overwhelmed and never try. Or they set themselves up for failure by taking action steps that are not achievable at their level right now.

For example, they never work out but are now going to work out 6 days a week. Start small first!

Where can we find your services?

Here on my website! If you are having trouble deciding or want more information, book a call, and let’s chat! You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram :)

Let me know below what your favorite healthy snack is!

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